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Who knew that your favorite aviator sunglasses have such a rich history? Yes, earlier the mens aviator sunglasses were only used by the air force pilots to save them from harmful UV rays at higher altitudes. Gradually, these sunglasses started spreading their wings over every defense department. And then the movie Top Gun arrived and people first time saw Tom Cruise wearing these cool-looking sunglasses and you know rest of the story. No doubt, these mens aviator sunglasses are not just for the men anymore. Women have admired them as well. And MyDearEyeWear has a huge range of sunglasses so that you can buy the aviator online.

But the time has changed, and now you can see a lot of variations in the design of aviator sunglasses like mirror glass, and many other variations in the frame material and lens material as well.
Would you like to know more about mens aviator sunglasses? Yeah? All right then let’s dig deeper.
Knowing Aviator Sunglasses
Beginning with the lens, the most important part of the aviators. The effect of technology advancement can also be seen in the material of the sunglasses lens. Initially, glass was widely used for the aviator sun glasses. But when the time changed there come to the plastic and polycarbonate lenses as well. Each of the lens material has its own pros and cons.
We know glass, right. It provides the highest visibility and can survive some mild scratches. But they are fragile. Drop the mens aviator sunglasses onto the floor, and they will break. But you may be lucky in some cases. One more drawback of the glass lens is that they are a bit heavy. Prolonged use will leave a mark on your nose and can make your head ache sometimes.
So basically, besides the visual acuity and scratch resistance properties the glass lenses are no longer used in aviator sunglasses. Because you don’t want to break your expensive sunglasses due to a slight drop, do you?
While selecting Aviator sunglasses, mens sometimes prefer plastics lens. They have their own advantages. First of all, they are lightweight, so you do not to push the sunglasses back when they slip down every now and then. However, you may want to go easy on them because they tend to get scratched easily. But if you take care of your aviators with plastic lens they can remain scratch-less for a long time.
If a mens aviator sunglasses have a pair of polycarbonate lenses, then you can be assured the protection of your eye from any injury whatsoever. Regardless they are thin, light-weight and shatterproof; they can even protect you from a metal ball thrown at you from a particular distance.
But still, you want to take care of them for keeping them scratch proof.
As long as the metal frame is concerned, the frame is made of metal such as stainless steel, aluminum, and flexon, etc. Now a day wooden frames are also available.
So this was all about the mens aviator sunglasses. Now choose the one which suits you perfectly on MyDearEyeWear and gets an enhanced look.
Happy Shopping to you.

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