Popular sunglasses color recommended

Popular sunglasses color recommended

Popular sunglasses color recommended

Sunglasses style is a pair of sunglasses is the soul of fashion, and sunglasses color is beautiful coat, is able to determine a pair of glasses for your personal factors, I believe many people want to know the color of popular sunglasses. The popular sunglasses color mainly from the frame and the color of the lens to consider, that we also from these two aspects for everyone to recommend popular sunglasses color.

Popular Sunglasses Lens Color:

Brown lenses Sunglasses: Brown is a slightly red than the maroon brown or light brown, is a more fashionable color. This color and our oriental hair and skin tone is very similar, more suitable for our Asians wear. Moreover, the brown lenses can slightly enhance the color and contrast, reduce glare effect, improve the contrast in cloudy weather, suitable for everyday wear, especially sunny weather

Green Lens Sunglasses: Stylish green with a natural calming agent, you can make people around you feel comfortable. And in any light conditions, the green lens can see the color of the most natural.
Red lens sunglasses: red color sunglasses will increase after wearing self-confidence, especially by the favorite female friends, you can feel depressed or not very strong UV rainy days wear.

Yellow lenses Sunglasses: Whether it is a few decades ago or now, the yellow lenses are not in the trend of the sunglasses under the stage, many big stars often wear yellow lenses sunglasses to attend a variety of activities.
Color film reflective sunglasses: the influx of cool people take a very taste of a sun sunglasses, most will use a large box design, with monotonous, fashionable but also the sense of reflective lenses to wear them back to the high rate of return! Colorful reflective ultra-avant-garde fashion

Mercury lens Sunglasses: flat mercury lens design, to the general trend of development this year. This summer hot Korean brand Gentle Monster swept the fashion circle, some European and American international fine also took advantage of the introduction of flat mercury sunglasses, immediately by many ladies, tide male income pocket.

Popular Sunglasses Frame Color:

Transparent box sunglasses: transparent box design so cool black sunglasses more than a touch of fresh and translucent colors. The overall outline of the design simple and smooth, there is a street to wear up the taste, but also fashion sister shape concave indispensable, with the super-star like people.

Candy colored frame sunglasses: candy-colored sunglasses is absolutely stylish tool, fashion queen of the essential magic, high-end atmosphere of the Queen Fan you deserve.

Black box sunglasses: represents the mysterious and cool classic black box sunglasses, is never decline of the sun. And black frame sunglasses are wild, and he for skin color, clothing is not too particular about.

Tortoiseshell box sunglasses: as a fashionistas, how may be less representative of the uninhibited, personalized tortoiseshell sunglasses.

Flower color sunglasses: Although it is still in the winter, but time flies, the spring will soon come. The flower color sunglasses is against the background of the spring jump, very good fashion items.

Tips: even if the color of sunglasses and then popular, not a personality, fashion style sunglasses frame to match, are useless. Recommended for the readers of the cat’s eye sunglasses, butterfly sunglasses, pilot sunglasses, retro round sunglasses, these sunglasses style can be described as mixed in this year’s wind and water.
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