Valentines gift for your Valentine’s Day

Valentines gift for your Valentine’s Day
  1. Valentine’s Day is coming soon after two weeks, Many couples are very looking forward to the arrival of the day since valentine’s day is a sepcial day for every couple and lover. Valentine’s Gift selection is most important for every lover, it is a souvenir represent what the love is.

How to choose a valuable, pratical and beautiful valentines gift is a big problem especially we hope another half can remember you everyday while use the gift. I believe fashion designer sunglasses is a best choice for you. Why? The reason is simple and will explain as below:

  1. for pratical purpose – It is a product can avoild ultra-violet from the sunshine and protect your eyes
  2. Price – according to your budget, it have wide range you can choose
  3. Fashion asscessories – besides the basic function to protect your eyes, designer sunglasses can be your fashion asscessories for your different cloth matching. A Lot of style and fashion designer sunglasses you can choose according to your favour and the fashion market trend.
  4. Valuable product – It is amazing if a couple who wear the same style sunglasses and walking to the street, no need more explain it will let everyone know you and your another half is a lover or couple.

Hence, If you still bother for the valentines gift, hope this article can help you and let your lover have a good gift’s.

At Last, hope all of lover can be enjoy and have a great valentine’s day.

Simple Hints to select the Sunglasses according to the Face Shape

Simple Hints to select the Sunglasses according to the Face Shape

Sunglasses is a good product for outgoing activity such as hiking, riding bicycle, sunbathe at the beach, etc. for anti the ultra-violet of sunchine. But Today, Most people ( men and women ) wear sunglasses as a fashion accessories for different cloth matching.

Since, they are more concern what is the fashion trend of the sunglasses in every year even every season, the purpose is choose a good product to enhance the self-confidence , look like beauty and charming in the cloud of the people at the city. We can get the latest market information at different fashion magazine or tv show, etc.

However, face shape is a key factor for sunglasses selection, if we just choose a trendy designer glasses frame but ignore the face shape, It will be discout the good impact of the sunglasses. Hence, we will discusss some simple hints with you related to the face shape and sunglasses.

Generally, face shape can be individed to five different kind as below:

  1. Circle Face
  2. Heart Face
  3. Oval Face
  4. Square Face
  5. Rectangle Face

Simple Hints for Sunglasses Selection for different face shape

Circle Face

Circle face let the young girl who look like sweety, who can select the square or rectangle glasses frame to let the face look small, and avoid to wear the Circle shape eyeglasses

Heart Face

Every girl love heart face since it can easily to match sunglasses with beauty outlook, especailly Butterfly and large or oversize glasses frame have good influcence with the face shape.

Oval Face

This kind face shape need to concern about the ratio between the glasses frame and the face shape, the width of the glasses frames can’t too small, it should be equal to the face width.

Square Face

It is opposite to the Circle face, Circle shape glasses frames is a good choice let who face shape look like natural

Rectangle Face

Large or oversize glasses frames is most suitable and the colour can choose some deep colour like dark or blue, etc.




2017 Sunglasses Style Summary – Mydeareyewear

2017 Sunglasses Style Summary – Mydeareyewear

2017 Sunglasses Style Summary

2017 Sunglasses Style is what we will discuss in this article. As you known it have a lot of different kind product in the market today. It is not easily to choose a modern and trendy sunglasses if no any concept.

In the past 2017 Sunglasses Exchibition of Safilo, Many top brand have take part in the show included Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Max Mara & Elie Saab, etc. After the show we can found the foundamental concept for the 2017 market trend. The Summary of the 2017 Sunglass style as below:

  1. The Oversized Sunglasses
  2. Funky Aviator Sunglasses
  3. The Round Lensed Cat Eye Sunglasses
  4. The Bug Eyes
  5. The Colourful Lens
  6. Sunglasses with Clear Lenses
  7. Sunglasses with Super Dark Lens
  8. The Ombre Lenses
  9. Sunglasses with Embellished Rims
  10. The Double Wire Rimmed Sunglasses
  11. The Fun and Futuristic Sunglasses
  12. The Marbled Frames
  13. The Clearly Plastic Frames
  14. The Butterfly Wing Sunglasses

For the detials of the above mentioned Sunglasses, please refer to the Fashionisers